Paracord color catalog

Paracord Type III 550, cord 550 or parachute cord – durable and lightweight nylon cord. Paracord was originally used by the military in parachute lines. But due to its universal characteristics, it has become widely used for civilian purposes.

Paracord 550 is a nylon cord that consists of an outer sheath (32 intertwined fibers) and a core (7 nylon strands, each consisting of intertwined fibers). Breaking load 550 lbs or 240 kg.

Versatile paracord characteristics: Very light and has a low weight of 6.6 grams per meter, flexible, durable, elastic, dries quickly, UV resistant, does not rot, is not damaged by mold.

It is a very suitable material for dog leashes. A large color palette makes these leashes stylish and bright. Interesting color combinations allow you to create very different individual leashes. These leashes will give you and your pet a lot of compliments and admiration.

550 Paracord (diameter 0.14 inch) Solid colors

Paracord color Black
Paracord color Green
Paracord color Blue
Paracord color Red
Paracord color Yellow
Paracord bright pink
Bright Pink
Paracord Mandarin Orange
Mandarin Orange
Paracord Coyote
Golden Rod
Paracord Purple
Paracord Fluo Green
Fluo Green
Paracord Pink

550 Paracord (diameter 0.14 inch) Bicolor

Paracord color Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy

550 Paracord (diameter 0.14 inch) Reflective

Paracord color Reflective Grey
Reflective Grey
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